Core Group

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Tom Zajdel
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., UC. Berkeley, 2018
Project: Bioelectric cellular control interfaces

Graduate Students

Matthew Heinrich
MAE Graduate Student
Co-advised: Andrej Kosmrlj, MAE
Project: Collective cell migration as active soft-matter

Julie LaChance
MAE Graduate Student
Project: Applications of machine learning to collective cell behaviors

Lisset Duran Rosario
MOL Graduate Student
Co-advised: José Avalos, CBE
Project areas: tardigrade mechanics and resilience

Gawoon Shim
MAE Graduate Student
Project areas: skin and vascular electrotaxis

Avi Wolf
CBE Graduate Student
Project areas: biomechanics of electrotaxis

Irving Miramontes
MOL Graduate Student
Project areas: electrotaxis biology

Undergraduate Students

Linus Wang (MAE Senior)–electrotaxis programming

Diego Fierros (MAE Senior)
–instrumentation for collective mechanobiology
Bryeson Rogers (CBE Senior)–biomaterials for collective mechanobiology
Heather Cho (CBE Junior)–live-imaging of the cytoskeleton during electrotaxis
Justice Dixon (MAE Junior)–soft robotics actuation
Ayanna Matthews (PHY Junior)–statistical mechanics of growing tissues
Hyojin Lee (CHM Junior)–tissue growth and image analysis
Moses Im (MOL Junior)–tissue growth mechanics
Jessica Fan (MAE Junior)–tissue growth mechanics

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