Post-doctoral researchers: Join our interdisciplinary team! We are broadly hiring 1-2 post-docs across the following NIH and NSF-funded research areas. Quick summaries of the project areas are below, along with guidance on how to apply. TL;DR: contact Prof. Cohen directly

  1. next-gen bioelectric ‘cellular herding’
    We know that electricity can be a powerful cue for controlling cellular motion and healing. This is quite exciting, especially if we can harness it for practical purposes. Here’s what we want to know. Biology: how do processes such as electrotaxis work; how is an electric field transduced into cell migration? Tissue control: what kinds of tissue assembly and healing processes can we reprogram? Technology: how can we build better bioelectric interfaces and materials to improve our ability to program cell behavior. See this, this, this and this
  2. cell-mimetic biomaterials and interactions between tissues
    Can we make cell-mimetic materials that can instruct or engineer cellular behavior from within a tissue or improve cell-material interface stability? Could we use these materials to regulate and engineer stem cell differentiation, improve implant stability, or improve neural interfaces? What can they teach us about fundamental cell-cell interaction biology? What can we learn from tissue-tissue interactions to inform new biomaterials? See this, this, and this. 

Can you help us with these things? To push these areas forward, we are broadly considering candidates with skills spanning cell biology, healing models and in vivo work, bioelectronics, polymeric chemistry, biomaterials/tissue engineering, bioprinting. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Cohen directly (most important) and: provide a CV and a short description of the type of projects that interest you and why you are a good fit for our specific work. See the formal job listing at Princeton MAE here.

Graduate students: We are looking to bring on graduate students across fields (MAE, CBE, EE,  MOLBIO, PHY, EEB, and more) for a variety of projects involving biomaterials, tissue engineering, and biodevice design. Drop us a line if interested!