Current projects include, but are not limited to, engineering aspects of swarming and collective behavior in tissues and cellular systems using biomaterials, electrically active microfluidics, and microdevices.

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Graduate students: We are looking to bring on graduate students across fields (MAE, CBE, EE,  MOLBIO, PHY, EEB, and more) for a variety of projects involving biomaterials, tissue engineering, and biodevice design.

Post-doctoral fellows: We are looking for cell biology and bio-engineering post-docs to explore the ins and outs of tissue electrotaxis (motion and growth of cells in response to electric fields) and how cell-mimetic materials interact with living cells (e.g. cadherin biomaterials). If you are interested, please contact the PI directly (most important) and see the formal job listing here

Technician or Lab Manager:  Experience in cell culture, microscopy, and basic biological assays desired. Contact us for more specifics.