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Active Preprints

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. How the smallest legged animal (Waterbears) walk: Nirody JA, Duran LA, Johnston D, and Cohen DJ. Tardigrades exhibit robust interlimb coordination across walking speeds and terrains. PNAS (2021)
  2. Programming tissues to do things against their nature: Shim G, Devenport D, and Cohen DJ. Overriding native cell coordination enhances external programming of collective cell migration. PNAS (2021)
  3. Bioelectric wound healing on a chip: Zajdel TJ, Shim G, and Cohen DJ. Come Together: bioelectric healing-on-a-chip. Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2021)
  4. Bioelectric cell programming: Zajdel TJ, Shim GS, Wang L, Rossello-Martinez A, and Cohen DJ. SCHEEPDOG: Programming Electric Cues to Dynamically Herd Large-Scale Cell Migration.”  Cell Systems (2020)
    1. Highlight news article at Science
  5. How very large tissues grow: Heinrich M, LaChance J, Zajdel T, Alert R, Kosmrlj A, and Cohen DJ. Size-dependent patterns of cell proliferation and migration in freely-expanding epithelia. eLife (2020)
  6. Machine learning for microscopy: LaChance J, and Cohen DJ. “Practical  Fluorescence Reconstruction Microscopy for High-Content Imaging.” PLoS Comp Bio (2020)
  7. Cohen DJ, Nelson WJ. “Secret handshakes: cell–cell interactions and cellular mimics“, Current Opinion in Cell Biology (2018)
  8. Cohen DJ, Gloerich M, Nelson WJ. “Epithelial self-healing is recapitulated by a 3D biomimetic E-cadherin junction”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2016)
  9. Gloerich M, Bianchini JM, Siemers KA, Cohen DJ, Nelson WJ. “Cell division orientation is coupled to cell-cell adhesion by the E-cadherin/LGN complex”, Nature Communications (2016)
  10. Cohen DJ, Nelson WJ, Maharbiz MM. “Galvanotactic control of collective cell migration in epithelial monolayers“, Nature Materials (2014)
  11. Cohen DJ, Mitra D, Peterson K, Maharbiz MM. “A highly elastic, capacitive strain gauge based on percolating nanotube networks,” Nano Letters (2012)
  12. Libby T, Moore TY, Chang-Siu E, Li D, Cohen DJ, Jusufi A, Full RJ.“Tail-assisted pitch control in lizards,robots and dinosaurs,” Nature (2012)
  13. Chen J, Bly RA, Saad MM, Alkhodary MA, El-Backly RM, Cohen DJ, Kattamis N, Fatta MM, Moore WA, Arnold CB, Marei MK, Soboyejo WO. “In-vivo study of adhesion and bone growth around implanted laser groove/RGD-functionalized Ti-6Al-4V pins in rabbit femurs,” Materials Science and Engineering: C (2011)
  14. Cohen DJ, Morfino RC, Maharbiz MM, “A Modified Consumer Inkjet for Spatiotemporal Control of Gene Expression,” PLoS ONE 4(9) (2009)